How Model Launcher Works

Through our contests, Model Launcher offers young, aspiring models the chance to attain stardom without the bashing at auditions or getting the "run-around" from typical model agencies. Model Launcher aims to pair aspiring models and emerging companies together which benefits both parties, an emerging model may be paired with the world's next biggest blockbuster, and that company may have just earned themselves the world's next top model as their branding face.

Our contests are designed to emulate the competitive environment of the fashion industry, but in a constructive and uplifting manner. Whether it's modeling for print or film, our winners gain the knowledge and experience necessary to go out into the real-world modeling industry and succeed.

Credits and Audition Passes

Purchasing a Credit can help you in the voting rounds of any Model Launcher contest. Credits can be thought of as a way to get an edge on the competition.

Use Credits to Powervote

Credits can help you Powervote by making each of your votes weigh more when they are calculated at the end of each round. You may also use a credit to request feedback when submitting a photo to one of our contests. The credits are yours to use as you please.

Four Credits equal one Audition Pass.

Audition Passes are used for competing in our Premium or Professional contests. They grant a contestant the opportunity to audition for a professional company photo shoot.

Contest Types

Free Contests

Our free contests give aspiring models just as much opportunity to gain experience in the modeling world as the higher level contests. There are no fees or need for credits or passes, simply make a modeling profile below and submit your photos. For this type of contest, the professional photo shoot will travel to your hometown and conduct a professionally styled shoot out of a local studio in your hometown.

Premium Contests

This is the contest to enter if you want to travel like a real model. Winning this type of contest means you get to experience a full-fledged professional photo shoot in a major city like Miami, New York or London. Winners will fashion products or clothing for actual companies and through this our winners gain modeling skills, new experiences and portfolio building.

Launch Contests

With our Launch Contests, contestants have the chance to be the iconic face behind one of the world's up-and-coming companies. This type of contest is designed to equip emerging companies with a model for their promotional campaign, which can include commercials or producing content for catalogs. This contest represents a great opportunity for young models interesting in truly launching their career and building a solid portfolio.

Cameo Contests

Many models also aspire to be in film, and if you are one of these dreamers then a Cameo Contest may be just for you. Winners of this type of contest get a chance to fly on location and experience what it's like to be in front of a film camera while adding professional film or music video credits to their portfolio.

Professional Contests

Already have a modeling career in the works? This type of contest is for either professional or amateur models with a preexisting portfolio that are looking for paid work. This type of contest is not determined by voting but by a traditional audition process. Contestants can enter this contest by submitting previous professional work.

Getting Started

Step 1 Create a Modeling Account

The first step to entering our contests and advancing your modeling career is to create a personal modeling profile at Model Take the time to ensure all the information is accurate because if you are chosen as a winner, the information we require is needed for qualification, travel arrangements, and payments. Inaccurate information may warrant disqualification.

Step 2 Give Us Your Best Look

Each of our contests are tailored toward a specific age, gender and style. Choose the right contest for your unique look and submit a qualified photo via your Model Launcher Modeling Account. The photos do not have to be professional (except for the Professional Contests) and try to be as minimal as possible with makeup. We want to see your true beauty! Make sure you follow the guidelines for the contest in regards to submitting a full-length shot or simply a headshot.

Step 3 Get Social!

Just like any contest, the contestant with the most votes is the winner. Share your specific contest link via social media to get your friends and family to cast a vote in your favor!

Step 4 The Ins & Outs of Voting

The voting process is carried out in rounds, being aware of this can really help you time your self-promotion method efficiently. There are two parts to the voting process; first the seeding round calculates contestants from high to low in regards to votes, and then in the second part, each subsequent round is an elimination process based on number of votes until it is finally handed off to the judges for the final decision. Being social in the early rounds, particularly the seeding round, will grant you a spot in the later voting processes.

Step 5

Join the Model Launcher Community

Being a Model Launcher winner could be life changing. Once you are determined a winner, you immediately join the Model Launcher family and we become a strong force propelling you and your fresh career into the modeling industry successfully. From then on out, winners can count on Model Launcher to help promote them in any way possible; we want our winners to perpetually win in every aspect of their new endeavor. Create your Modeling Account now.

Just Voting

Help support the Model Launcher community by being an active voter. Vote for a stranger or a friend by creating a Voting Profile. This type of profile is solely for voting, not for entering contests. Create a Voting Profile here.






Model Launcher winner, Ms. Brandi Vicks has achieved much success.
Check out her credits… We are very proud!!

  • Project Runway Season 11
  • Project Runway All Stars 2
  • Project Runway All Stars 3
  • Moncler Grenoble Fall 2013 Lookbook
  • Moncler Grenoble Fall 2013 Presentation
  • Moncler Grenoble Fall 2014 Presentation
  • Layana Aguilar Fall 2014 Presentation
Model Launcher Winner - Brandi Vicks

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