How it Works

How Model Launcher Works

It would be an understatement to say that the modeling industry is competitive. However, the industry is changing and there are many opportunities and many types of models: Fashion, Runway, Film, Video, Commercial, Sports, etc. Most companies have a need for models, and all companies have the need for promotion.

Model Launcher is here to pair aspiring models with new and existing companies and brands in a symbiotic relationship. If you have ever dreamed of being the face of a new company, modeling for an existing company, or even getting into a film or a music video, then you are in the right place.

Model Launcher is the premier global model competition website. We will continue to innovate to create various contests that will give models and aspiring models opportunities to advance their careers. Competitive contests are widely considered to be an excellent way to start your modeling career.

Credits and Audition Passes

Credits and Audition Passes are monetary denominations used in Model Launcher.

Four (4) Credits equals One (1) Audition Pass.

Credits can be used to powervote in contests or request feedback when submitting an audition photo.

Audition passes are only used to enter premium and professional contests.

To purchase credits and passes:

Buy Credits   Buy Passes

Contest Types

Free Contests

These are the most common type of contests. Aspiring models can enter into these contests without any credits or passes and learn the voting steps. Free contests require no travel. Model Launcher will find a top professional photographer in your area and arrange a photo shoot. This shoot will have a hair and make-up professional, a stylist, and photographer. It takes place in or out of a studio.

Premium Contests

Travel, travel, travel. Winners will be flown to their first professional photo shoot for a company. This could be a fashion brand, a consumer product, or on behalf of, Model Launcher itself. Each premium contest will have different locations. It could be Miami, New York, London, or anywhere else in the world.

Launch Contests

Do you want to help a new fashion designer get started? This is one of the most exciting contests around. Aspiring models will enter into these contests to become the face of a new company or a new label. Winners will fly to location and produce a commercial catalog photo shoot and a promotional video. The generated content will be used to support and promote the new brand or designer.

Cameo Contests

If you want to get your first credits in a film or a music video, these contests are for you. Our models will enter into a contest where the winner will fly on location to shoot a scene in a film or a music video.

Professional Contests

If you already have professional shots or if you have a shoot lined up with a photographer, you may want to consider these contests. Professional contests are paid gigs, where both professional models and amateur models can submit past work to apply for jobs. Voting never occurs in these contests and will only include an audition period.

Getting Started

Step One – Create your Personal Account

Your account information is critical and will be used to book travel, verify that you are a real person, and will be seen by judges, brands, and modeling agencies. To give yourself the best chance possible, make sure you have accurate information. Incorrect information is grounds for disqualification. Modeling agencies may view your profile even if you do not win a contest.

Step Two – Choose a Contest and Submit a Photo

First make sure that you look for contests that match your age and sex. Secondly, follow the directions of the contest. Most of the contests provided by Model Launcher require a non-professional photo. A non-professional photo not only keeps the contests fair, but it also is what agencies want to see. Keep the photos raw with minimal make-up if you really want to attract attention. Also, be aware whether the contest calls for a headshot or a full-length photo. You might get passed the moderators but you won’t win. Keep your chances good and follow the directions.

Step Three – Get Social

Sharing your contest link and getting votes is especially important in the early rounds. This step lets the judges know who is serious about this opportunity. Successful models know what it takes to self-promote. Social media makes this easier than ever.

Step Four – Voting

Model Launcher has developed a two-part voting steps. The first round of voting is called the seeding round. The seeding round calculates all contestants from top to bottom and rounds the contestant field to the closest geometric sequence (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, etc.). Each round after the seeding round is considered an elimination round, where half of the field will move forward. (Hint: Being social is very important in the early rounds, before the judges get involved.)

Step Five – Winning

If you are talented, determined, and quite frankly lucky, you may end up winning a Model Launcher contest. Model Launcher winners become part of our family. We become your personal public relations team. Every winner will get a press release, submission to a fashion magazine, and model agency outreach. Beyond that, if you ever go to another casting call, you can tell the director that you are a Model Launcher winner and that Model Launcher will promote that shoot, film, movie, or commercial just because you are in it. Once you have won a Model Launcher contest, we want you to be as successful as possible and we will do everything in our power to help you make it to the top.






Model Launcher winner, Ms. Brandi Vicks has achieved much success.
Check out her credits… We are very proud!!

  • Project Runway Season 11
  • Project Runway All Stars 2
  • Project Runway All Stars 3
  • Moncler Grenoble Fall 2013 Lookbook
  • Moncler Grenoble Fall 2013 Presentation
  • Moncler Grenoble Fall 2014 Presentation
  • Layana Aguilar Fall 2014 Presentation
Model Launcher Winner - Brandi Vicks

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