Contest Rules

Voting begins at 8:00 PM EST the night after the contest is full.

Seeding Round of voting:

Contestants will vie for the contest ranking. Top seeded models will go against lower seeded models.

Up , Neutral, and Power* Up voting allowed 

Voting continues for five (5) days until 8:00 PM EST

All contestants will receive 1 Credit

Each round of voting after the Seeding Round:

Contestants will go head-to-head against another model with half of the field being eliminated each round until there is a winner.

Up and Power Up voting allowed

Voting continues for two or three days depending on the number of contestants.

Models will receive a Credit for each round they win.

The Last Model Standing:

Winner will receive:

  • Travel arrangements to Miami Beach, FL
  • Two-night stay in a luxury hotel
  • Professional photo shoot
  • Bio, interview, press release, and public relations support

* Power vote counts for 10X vote

Grounds For Disqualification

Models may be disqualified if:

  • Submissions are with professional photographs
  • A model is already signed or within a contract with a modeling or talent agency
  • Duplicate accounts are created and multiple / duplicate contest photos are submitted
  • Accurate age and information is not provided

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