Model Launcher FAQ's

  • How tall do I have to be to enter?

    Our contests are for models of all heights, so you can submit your photo and it will be considered no matter how tall you are.

  • What is the age limit for contestants?

    Our contests are categorized in the following age groups: 13-17, 18-29, and 30 and up.

  • Is there a weight limit for contestants?

    We do not have a weight limit for contestants, our contests are open to all.

  • Can I participate in the contest if I'm from another country?

    Model Launcher is an International contest, so we welcome submissions from across the globe.

  • How will Model Launcher help me become a model?

    If you win, we will fly you and a parent (or a friend if you are 18 and older) to our studio for a professional photo shoot. You will stay at a premium hotel. We will then interview you, create a bio and a press release for you. Our job is to help you get attention from modeling agencies. It's your job to do everything you can to look your best and promote yourself through Facebook and other social media.

  • How many people will I have to compete against in any particular contest?

    You will be competing with no more than 999 people. This means your chances of winning are 1 in 999 or better.

  • Are Model Launcher auditions ever held online?

    All auditions are held online and decided by public voting. The more votes you receive the better your chances. Make sure to share on all of your social networks for better chances!

  • What types of photos do I have to submit?

    Each contest will have a theme. For example, a contest may require all models to submit a photo wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Be sure to stay within the parameters of the theme. Submit a natural photo, with very little makeup and your best smile.

  • How do I enter the contest?

    The first step is creating a Model Launcher profile. Now you can submit your non-professional themed photo to the contest in your age group and then promote your audition to all your friends on a social media.

  • Can I submit a professional photo?

    We don't allow professional photos. We want to see you at your most natural, so we ask for photos with little to no make up.

  • Should I submit my photos on Facebook?

    All photos must be submitted via If you submit via Facebook, you have not entered a contest.

  • When is the deadline for each month's contest?

    Deadlines to submit photos can be found along with the specific theme instructions and contest information.

  • Do I have to fit into a particular "look"?

    You just have to be you! Models have all kinds of different looks, especially before the makeup team does their thing. Modeling does require personality and a connection with the audience. Be sure to submit a photo that's in line with the theme and always share your audition on social media.

  • Do I have to pay to submit a photo?

    Our modeling contests are free to enter, you just need an up-to-date modeling account to submit your audition.

  • Can I wear accessories in my submission photo?

    You can accessorize, just make sure you adhere to the theme guidelines and wear very little makeup.

  • Do I have to take out my piercings or hide my tattoos?

    No you don't, we want you to be you. As long as you get the votes, you move forward.

  • Can I retouch my photos prior to submitting them?

    Please do not retouch your photos prior to submitting them. If you submit a retouched photo and result winning, you risk being disqualified if discovered when we meet you.

  • Do I have to be 18 to enter?

    You don't have to be 18 to enter, but if you're under 18 you will need a parent or guardian to travel with you.

  • How often will contests run?

    Our contests will run continuously. If a contest has ended within a certain category and is currently in voting, please check back for new contest shortly after voting has ended and a winner has been announced.

  • When does voting begin for contests?

    Voting may vary from contest to contest depending on how many submissions we receive. Voting will not begin for any audition/contest until all submissions have been received and the submission process has been closed to ensure that everyone has a fair shot. The standard submission timeline for most of our contests will be 3 weeks, with one week of public voting. Participating models will receive an email once voting has been opened which will include a link for social sharing. Submissions may be closed to a contest and voting will begin if 999 submissions are received earlier than in 3 weeks time.

  • What are the contest rules?

    Please click here to view the contest rules.

  • Why was my audition photo rejected?

    Your audition photo must follow the contest theme as described on the contest page. Reasons for rejection may include: the photo is not full body, the photo may be inappropriate, too dark or blurry, the photo has writing on it, there is more than 1 person in the photo, you submitted photos in duplicate accounts, too much makeup, or wearing sunglasses. If your audition photo is rejected, you may resubmit a different photo up until the deadline.